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Amari Cooper feels DeAndrew White will make 49ers roster

The one-time Alabama roommates are looking to earn their opportunities as rookies. Amari Cooper is working toward a big role, while DeAndrew White is just looking to make the roster. Cooper thinks White has a good shot at that.

The San Francisco 49ers have a handful of undrafted free agent wide receivers looking to earn a spot on their 2015 roster. The two names receiving the most buzz during the offseason are DeAndrew White and Dres Anderson. Both receivers have intriguing pedigree on their side. Anderson is the son of former Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Flipper Anderson, while White spent his college career at Alabama alongside now-Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper.

The Raiders opened their training camp this week, and Cooper was asked what he saw in White, and what strengths he brings to the 49ers. Thanks to Levi Damien from Silver & Black Pride for passing this along.

"I feel like he will make the Niners. He's a very talented player. He goes and high-points the ball, is a very good route runner, really fast, so I feel like he has a great chance at making it with the Niners."

Cooper has had positive things to say about White in the past. He spoke about White's strengths at the Alabama Pro Day back in March. 49ers wide receivers coach Ronald Curry was actually on hand at that workout. We saw some video of Curry walking near Cooper. Naturally this got many of us in a tizzy about the 49ers potential interest in Cooper. Who knows if they inquired about moving up, but clearly they found somebody else they like.

White enters training camp with what appears to be some solid momentum from the offseason workout program. There was a lot of media buzz around White and Anderson following minicamp. Curry warned people to not get overhyped on workouts in shorts, but did say he got better and better as the program wore on.