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49ers to have longer rest periods between practices in training camp

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The San Francisco 49ers released their training camp schedule for the next two weeks, and something struck me when I first read it. The team has 11 practices between now and the first preseason game. Of those 11, eight are scheduled for 4:15 p.m. PT. A year ago, the 49ers practices ranged in times, but the most common time was 2:30 p.m.

Players are meeting with the media today, and Anquan Boldin had an interesting comment about the schedule change. Jim Tomsula made some adjustments to the practice schedule so there was more rest time between sessions. The team will do something in the morning, often a walkthrough, and then follow that up with an afternoon session. By moving the afternoon practices to 4:15, the players will have some time to go back to the hotel, and get away from things for at least a few minutes between practices.

Boldin said some veterans had approached Tomsula about making this kind of change, and he was down for the move. Eric Reid was asked about the change in practice schedule, and he immediately had effusive praise about Tomsula. He said that Tomsula was the most genuine coach he's ever had while playing football. He said that if Tomsula says something, players can rest assured he's often going to get it done, and try as hard as he can even if it does not work out.

The players are fans of Tomsula, that much is clear. There is tremendous value to that as the team rolls through training camp. The real test of that relationship will be during the dog days of the season, particularly at a point where the team is potentially dealing with a modest losing streak or some other such issue. It is one more storyline we'll keep an eye on this year.