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Vernon Davis fired advisor who suggested he try and get a new contract last year

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Interesting news from Vernon Davis related to last year's brief holdout.

The San Francisco 49ers veterans reported to training camp on Friday, and one of the players on hand is Vernon Davis. He was involved in the entire offseason program, a year after he had skipped the entire program in hopes of getting a new contract. Davis had a chance to address that topic in his press conference on Friday.

Davis said he had a lot of people in his ear last year, but particularly an advisor who suggested he try and get a new contract with the team. Davis said he ended up firing that person just prior to the start of the regular season. Davis said his goals with football were related to his love of the game, and he did not want money to represent him. He thought the advisor was giving him good advice, but realized that person was focused more on the money side of things.

Vernon was very philosophical in his press conference, talking about the recent retirements and how they make him better appreciate enjoying the moment. Vernon often has a lot to say about a variety of topics, but often it can feel a bit superfluous. But it is interesting to hear about the advisor.

Davis was unable to get any kind of new deal, so it is safe to say the strategy did not work out particularly well. He is back this year, and hitting free agency next spring. Even though he said he does not play for the money, he has a chance to earn one last pay day with a big 2015.