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Kissing Suzy Kolber ranks how American the San Francisco 49ers franchise is

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Happy Fourth of July! Hopefully everybody is ready to have a fun holiday with grilling, fireworks and whatever else you can come up with today. I'm in Nebraska visiting family. We're in a town that has about 5,700 people, and is very flat, so we'll see what the night brings.

In the meantime, I thought this would make for a fun excuse for a July 4th open thread. We'll have more content throughout the day, but it seemed fitting to open the day with a look at how American the San Francisco 49ers franchise is compared to other teams. The fine folks at Kissing Suzy Kolber came up with rankings for the holiday, and they rank the 49ers No. 12.

Greedy gold diggers is totally American, but being Californian keeps them out of the top 10.

I am sure plenty of Californians will contest that, but having spent time both in and out of California, I think plenty of America views California as sort of the slightly crazy family member. What Californians often view as progressive, other parts of the country view just a little bit different.

The top of the list had Washington, considering they were the first Americans, and as KSK put it, they "represent all the shaming and systematic oppression of those people, the most American way to treat others!" The Steelers, Cowboys, Patriots and Eagles round out the top five.

Happy Fourth!