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Checking in on Andy Lee

Just like we did with Frank Gore yesterday, let's see how Andy Lee's offseason is going.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we took a look at Paul Gutierrez's clever idea of following up on some ex-49ers who are now playing for other teams. Although we focused on Frank Gore, Gutierrez did have quotations for other offensive players. It was nice to hear that they are doing well, except for maybe Mike Iupati since we need to play against him twice a year now (I do wish him the best, except when he plays the 49ers or when his team stands a chance at winning the division!).

Anyway, Gutierrez also linked to another article in the same vein that followed up on recently departed defensive and special teams players. Yesterday, we gave Frank Gore the star treatment - as much as you might be interested in how Stevie Johnson will do this upcoming season, so much the more, I'm sure, you want to hear about Gore's quest for not only a Super Bowl ring but also the Hall of Fame.

Today, we return to talk about another star - admittedly not at the same level of Gore, but still a star: Andy Lee.

As soon as the 49ers drafted a punter, the writing was on the wall of Lee. It was clear that the team had invested in the future, that Lee was a cap casualty, and that the team would likely attempt to trade him. It was so obvious, in fact, that I'm a bit surprised that the 49ers got anything in return.

Nonetheless, here's what local Cleveland Browns reporter Pat McManamon had to say about Lee's offseason: "The Browns love [Andy] Lee, but in his first practice he was launching them so deep the returners couldn't return them because they went out the back of the end zone. That didn't make any player's day."

It sounds like Lee still has his leg (although it's clear that he isn't the same punter has it was in yesteryears), and given the fact that he is playing for the Browns and their offense is pretty suspect, I imagine that Lee will have plenty of opportunities to kick next season.

Unfortunately for Lee, he probably won't be in the hunt for a ring or the Hall of Fame. It was such a big deal when Ray Guy was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year, and though I am a huge fan of Lee, and I don't see him making it anytime soon. He would be the second punter to make it ever.

So, best wishes to Lee. I hope that he continues to flourish in Cleveland and that we get these periodic updates on his progress.