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Golden Nuggets: No News is Good News, Right?

49ers links for Monday, July 6, 2015

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

There is literally NOTHING happening right now related to the 49ers. Absolutely nothing. It's good in a way, since we know that nobody is retiring, nobody is getting arrested, nobody is getting injured or wearing Dolphins caps. The closest we come to football news right now is the USA Women's Soccer team winning the FIFA World Cup.

Ok so it's soccer (which is called football everywhere else but North America). It didn't even happen in this country. None of those players are even eligible for the NFL. But it was still one gigantic accomplishment for the U.S. of A. Oh wait, we do have some 49ers players saying something about it on social media. News enough!

49ers players react to Team USA winning the Women's World Cup (49erswebzone)

49ers safety Bethea provides "Community Day" at his alma mater in Newport News (

Former 49ers LB Chris Borland says health more important than money (Sporting News)

The NFL outside these United States. | Welcome to Europe Week (MMQB)