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Jason Pierre-Paul fireworks injury could cost him start of season

The New York Giants could find themselves without a serious pass rushing threat. Jason Pierre-Paul will need time to recover from a fireworks injury that burned his hand and caused nerve damage to a finger.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the New York Giants in Week 5 this fall, and there is a slim chance one of the Giants' big names might not play. Pass rusher Jason Pierre-Paul is currently in the hospital recovering from a hand injury caused by fireworks.

JPP reportedly suffered burns and nerve damage, but is not expected to lose any fingers. The Giants had placed their franchise tag on JPP, and had a long-term offer on the table. The Giants pulled the offer off the table following the accident, but it is my understanding JPP was not expected to sign it. For now, both sides are in a bit of a limbo while this gets resolved.

Giants trainers are headed to Florida to meet with JPP to figure out the extent of the damage for purposes of getting back on the football field. There is some concern he might miss the start of the season, but the situation remains up in the air. My guess is he is back in time for Week 5, but if he misses some or all of training camp in recovery, it's entirely possible he still has some rust.