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San Francisco Bay Area to be prominently featured for Week 1 Thursday kickoff

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL opens each season with a Thursday Night Football contest that features plenty of pomp and circumstance to get fans extra excited. The league holds an annual pre-game concert, with portions airing on NBC. Normally the concert is held in the city of the host team, which would be the New England Patriots this year (hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers). However, the NFL is breaking with the recent tradition, and having the San Francisco Bay Area play host to the season-opening concert, according to FOX Sports NFL reporter Alex Marvez.

Levi's Stadium is playing host to Super Bowl 50, and while the game will be played in Santa Clara, it is being sold as a Bay Area Super Bowl. This year's Super Bowl is notable given that it marks No. 50, and the league is looking to tie in a half century of Super Bowls. Ten years ago, the league did something similar opening the season that led to Super Bowl 40. The New England Patriots hosted the Oakland Raiders that year, and the league had events in the Boston/Foxboro area, as well as in Los Angeles (site of Super Bowl I), and had footage from a Rolling Stones concert in Detroit.

My guess is the concert will be in San Francisco, as opposed to the South Bay. Although this is a "Bay Area" Super Bowl, San Francisco will get top-billing for a lot of the events for the game. We should probably do a running tally of the number of San Francisco mentions vs. all other Bay Area mentions in the Super Bowl telecast between the announcers and the camera shots going to and coming from commercials. Just look at the NBA Finals recently. The Golden State Warriors play in Oakland, but we saw plenty of shots of notable San Francisco landmarks and views. It will remain the same for the Super Bowl, and when the San Francisco 49ers are on nationally televised games this season.