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Jason Pierre-Paul finger amputation and the value of each finger for defensive linemen

Following word that Jason Pierre-Paul had an index finger amputated, one doctor decided to tweet out a ranking of finger value for defensive linemen.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There was quite the revelation on Wednesday. New York Giants pass rusher Jason Pierre-Paul is in a hospital following a fireworks incident, and leaked medical records indicate he had an index finger amputated. I initially thought this was a HIPAA violation, but it turns out media are not held to the same standards under HIPAA when it comes to patient privacy. JPP could potentially sue for invasion of privacy, but First Amendment rights potentially protect ESPN on this leak.

Whether or not you feel bad for JPP, this news did provide us with one of the more amusing tweets we will see this offseason. Former San Diego Chargers team doctor David Chao (and per Deadspin, a drunk quack who should not have been an NFL team doctor) provided finger power rankings! And yes, he was serious.

It has been a crazy week for fireworks accidents in the NFL. Tampa Bay Buccaneers reserve cornerback C.J. Wilson also was involved in a fireworks accident and lost two fingers. There is no word on finger rankings for cornerbacks. Generally I don't imagine they are important, but it probably does impact catching interceptions a little bit. Former football players can feel free to chime in.