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49ers OT Anthony Davis seems to be planning 2016 comeback

Anthony Davis might not quite be done with football.

Well, this is certainly interesting. Recently retired offensive tackle Anthony Davis apparently already plans on returning to football in 2016. A week ago, he posted something about Ahmad Brooks and training camp. Last night, someone tweeted at him asking if there was any chance he would come back next season. Davis responded to the tweet, saying that was the plan. Davis has a habit of tweeting and later deleting tweets, so here is what he had to say:

Anthony Davis comeback

This is not a shocking development, as Davis did say he was taking a year or so away from football. Plenty can change between now and next fall, so I am certainly not setting this in stone. Davis indicated he wanted to get his mind and body right. He can get much of his body right, but if he is concerned about concussions and the like, I am not sure I would see a comeback actually happening. But we don't really know what he is thinking as he figures out his life plans, so we can't really make any assumptions.

Davis was reportedly expected to return his prorated signing bonus money following his formal announcement of retirement. There is no word on where that stands, and if he did return, there would potentially be a legal battle over that money. It creates a bit of confusion about the situation, as we wait to see how it plays out over the next nine months. It is important to note the 49ers retain his rights under his previous contract. The contract essentially paused with his retirement, with five years remaining on the deal.