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Golden Nuggets: Bringing The Heat

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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The day we probably all thought would eventually happen, happened. Aldon Smith got himself in trouble one too many times and as expected, he was released from the team. It just happened to be during the offseason of horror. But all the other departures were players on the downside or players with little playing time. This one is the one that hurts most. Aldon is a rare talent. He was on his way to being a $100 million dollar defensive player. He is a gamechanger. Now, he is gone.

It is now next man up for the Niners with Aldon gone. Ahmad Brooks, Aaron Lynch, Eli Harold, and Corey Lemonier will be tasked to make up for Aldon. Fortunately for the Niners, it seems that this defense plans on ratcheting up the pressure. Eric Mangini will be blitzing from all positions, which wasn't used often in Fangio's defense. All the defensive players will be used to bring pressure on the quarterback rather than just using the front 4. This should make the loss of Aldon less significant, though it will be almost impossible to replace a talent like Aldon.

Aldon could have been a great 49er, but he couldn't keep himself out of trouble. He may be great for another team down the road.The Niners gave him many chances to correct his behavior. Some people thought they let him get away with too much. Maybe they did. Either way, he will need to get his act together or he could find himself out of football, which would be a shame for all NFL fans.

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