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49ers looking for Aaron Lynch to lose 8-10 pounds by Week 1, per report

The San Francisco 49ers second-year outside linebacker is coming off injuries in the offseason. He needs to get in shape in the coming weeks if he is going to provide a big impact in his second season.

The San Francisco 49ers are going to be looking to outside linebacker Aaron Lynch as a potential replacement for Aldon Smith. Lynch had a strong rookie season, but injuries have cost him much of this past offseason. He reportedly dealt with a hamstring injury in the offseason workout program, and has spent the first week and a half of training camp getting back into game shape.

We have an update on the situation, courtesy of Ryan Sakamoto at Sakamoto is reporting Lynch currently weighs 272 pounds, a year after playing his rookie season at 260 pounds. According to Sakamoto, the 49ers want Lynch to weigh in at approximately 264 pounds for the start of the season. Sakamoto also said Lynch dealt with a back injury along with the hamstring injuries.

One downside to not having Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator anymore is I can all but guarantee you he would have had some line about Lynch's weight. But given the injuries, it is not entirely shocking Lynch is working his way back into shape. It is disappointing when a player isn't in game shape, but it's gonna happen. The 49ers open their preseason this weekend, and it is safe to say Lynch will not be playing in that game. We'll see how quickly he gets back into full practices.