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49ers starters expected to play one quarter in preseason opener, NaVorro Bowman will play

The San Francisco 49ers face the Houston Texans to open the preseason this Saturday. We got some word on playing time for starters this weekend.

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the Houston Texans on Saturday, and it sounds like we can expect a series or two of work from both sides of the ball. Jim Tomsula told the media on Tuesday the expectation is starters will play a full quarter. He confirmed that he expected NaVorro Bowman would play on Saturday. In both instances, Tomsula said the team obviously reserved the right to consider other plans as the week moves along.

It also sounds like some interesting names could get first team snaps on Saturday.

If Joe Staley and Alex Boone get playing time on Saturday, I could see them going one series, and if the offense gets a second series in the first quarter, then we see Silberman and Thomas get mixed in there. And maybe we see Trenton Brown as well. Jim Tomsula has said the team will be looking at a variety of combinations in the first game, so I expect a lot of maneuvering with the offensive line.

This is also another big step for NaVorro Bowman in his recovery from his January 2014 knee injury. He has been back at practice all offseason, but getting back in real game action will be a big step for him. There is a significant mental hurdle, and getting into Saturday's game can help him move past that final hurdle.