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Better Rivals Podcast: Aldon Smith’s release, 49ers training camp news, mailbag

David and Oscar discuss Aldon Smith’s release and the latest training camp news before opening up the mailbag to answer your questions.

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, we sort through the most important news from the first 11 days of training camp before answering your Twitter questions in the first ever (maybe second?) BR mailbag. How does the loss of Aldon Smith change the 49ers’ outlook in 2015? What surprise cuts should be on your radar? And who steps up on the right side of the offensive line? All that, plus things to watch during the preseason and our favorite Taylor Swift songs.

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Intro - Compton and True Detective: 0:00

Rundown: 3:40

What to watch in the Preseason: 18:43

Mailbag!: 32:45

Outtro: 1:09:32