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Geep Chryst on why Colin Kaepernick camp interceptions are not always the end of the world

Practice interceptions can be annoying, but they are not necessarily the end of the world. San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Geep Chryst provided some examples on Wednesday.

The San Francisco 49ers have nine practices under their belt, and one frequent mention has been interceptions. We heard Nick Moody had his third of camp yesterday, NaVorro Bowman had one, and it sounds like Shareece Wright is getting a decent share of picks through camp thus far.

There is some positive to hearing the defense getting interceptions, but of course, that brings up the question of the negatives of quarterbacks throwing interceptions. We don't like hearing about interceptions, at any point in the year. And yet, training camp interceptions are often going to be different than regular season interceptions. And not just because there is no in-game negative to a training camp interception.

Geep Chryst met with the media on Wednesday, and he was asked about Kap's interceptions thus far. Chryst pointed to several reasons behind some of the interceptions. He said one of them came on a fourth down play, which would be a time you don't want the quarterback taking a sack, and probably do not want him throwing it away. Additionally, he pointed out that some interceptions come on new plays. The team is trying out something they have not used, and so chemistry might be off, leading to an interception.

This is not to say that interceptions don't matter in training camp. You want to see the team develop rhythm and efficiency that will carry over into game action. However, training camp does provide the offense with opportunities to try some things out. A quarterback might be more inclined to take an extra chance knowing that he can re-do the play, and otherwise move past without the consequences of an interception in game action.