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Colin Kaepernick addresses Aldon Smith altercation rumor

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback discussed the rumors of an altercation last week, providing reasons why the report is wrong.

The San Francisco 49ers release of Aldon Smith was quickly followed by rumors that his arrest had been connected to a practice altercation with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Gossip sites were suggesting the two got in an altercation at practice last Thursday, and Smith later did damage to a Mercedes Colin Kaepernick was driving.

The issue was addressed last weekend, and Colin Kaepernick took a moment to address it again on Wednesday during his media session. When asked about his thoughts on it, he said if he was reporting on the topic, he would look at it logically. First, he has a deal with Jaguar and would not drive a Mercedes. Furthermore, he pointed to the fact that the team did not practice on Thursday, so players were not at the facility. One gossip site later adjusted the Thursday altercation to say Tuesday, but considering they did not acknowledge the edit, it is hard to take them seriously. Sources on all sides of this issue have denied there was an altercation.

Kap was fairly emphatic about his thoughts on the story. He said it was embarrassing gossip sites would prey on a player as he is going through a rough situation, like we saw with Smith. He stated that he and Smith were friends, and Smith had recently attended his pre-training camp charity golf tournament. There has been no word on whether or not Smith has had any interaction with his former teammates since the arrest.

Here is some video/audio courtesy of Ryan Sakamoto:

A video posted by Ryan Sakamoto (@sakamotoryan_) on

A video posted by Ryan Sakamoto (@sakamotoryan_) on