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49ers training camp practice recap, 8/12: Colin Kaepernick has a strong day

Colin Kaepernick threw footballs to Vernon Davis, and they were caught. Wooh!

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The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up yet another day of practice and we've got some news and notes from the various beat writers you're all familiar with at this point. Fooch isn't around, he's off doing birthday stuff and I've managed to peel myself away from Rocket League for a few moments to prepare this post.

Of particular interest: the 49ers released their first unofficial depth chart, via Matt Maiocco. of the season, and there's plenty to pay attention to when it comes to that. Alex Boone is at left guard, as expected, with Joe Looney at center, Marcus Martin at right guard and Erik Pears (shudder) at right tackle. That's the most interesting look, to me.

Of course, we already basically knew that as that's how it's been looking in training camp. This unofficial depth chart was created by the PR staff, not the coaching staff, and things can certainly change at some point. We'll talk more about that later. Now how about the actual practice?

It sounds like quarterback Colin Kaepernick had a strong day, and that's always good to hear. Kaepernick had some real solid throws throughout, and only struggled on a couple deep passes, via the various media folks you'll see linked at the end of this piece. Chris Biderman said that Kaepernick completed 11 of 14 throws, and threw well on the day, but there was a "sloppy day for the offensive line overall."

That's definitely discouraging, and I imagine it will be a theme throughout the preseason. I don't expect this line to hit the ground running by any stretch of the imagination. That said, Kaepernick hitting Vernon Davis for a touchdown is particularly solid, especially with Davis going up against Tramaine Brock.

We had our first fight! Well, no, not really. No Cam Newton brawl here -- Erik Pears and Tony Jerod-Eddie got into a scuffle in which there was some facemask pulling before they were separated, but nothing especially interesting came of that. Darn. But hey, we did learn that the starting goal-line defense features Jerod-Eddie, Ian Williams, Glenn Dorsey and Tank Carradine. So that's something.

It's going to be interesting to see how Ian Silberman winds up after it's all said and done. Some reports said he had another bad shotgun snap during a two-minute drill, and the 49ers surely want him to be able to handle playing all three interior line positions so he'll need to get that stuff under control. That is the kind of thing that can absolutely destroy a football game.

Also Jarred Hayne continues to get attention -- he actually drew positive reviews in pass-blocking drills, stopping Nick Moody and Shayne Skov at alternate points. Craig Dahl worked with the first-team defense and they didn't all burst into flames, so that is pretty rad, ya know.

Below, we've got a couple practice recaps at the time of posting. Link any others you find in the comments if you're so inclined!

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