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Throwback Thursday: We Remember Aldon Smith

To say last week sucked is a great understatement. It seemed like nothing could get worse and then the Aldon Smith drama happens. Whether you think he should have stayed with the team or not (he shouldn't have), or if you think he's an absolute moron or a very, very troubled person who needs help, there is one thing we all can agree on: He was awesome on the field.

I had a lot of other cool stuff planned for this week's Throwback Thursday, but all of that got shelved when I got on the bus Friday morning to go to work and heard Kyle Brandt (filling in on Jim Rome) say the top story was Aldon getting arrested. I usually check news feeds when I wake up in the morning, but since everything was so boring the last few weeks (a first for our offseason) I figured it could wait until I had my morning coffee. I had no idea when I turned on The Jim Rome Show that I'd be hearing about this.

What a mess.

Anyways, I think there's nothing better than to have a Throwback Thursday on probably one of the most memorable Aldon Smith sacks ever. And the best part was it happened during his rookie season! Now we all know a few of the Aldon Smith sack celebrations. The one that comes to mind  for me is where he lobbed an invisible ball in the air and smacked it out of the stadium (made famous during  Colin Kaepernick's debut against Chicago, I believe). But back in his rookie season, he had one sack where he decided to do nothing at all, and it became comedy gold. Now maybe you can comment on this, but I think he got flagged earlier in this game for excessive celebration and that is where this 'celebration' came from (being a good boy). I don't know; I was working in a casino and the moment anything relevant to the 49ers came up, someone sat down to play blackjack (living in Seattle and wearing a 49ers jersey on Sunday, Seahawk fans would do this just to annoy me). Luckily, my table was dead when this went down so I got to remember it for you: the readers. I knew working in the casino would not last long, but I knew one day on Niners Nation, I would have to retell this story for all of you.

I just wish it wasn't under these circumstances.