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What sports bar do you visit to watch 49ers games?

The 49ers' first preseason game at Houston is only a few days away and we are looking for the best venues across the country. Where will you be watching?

Some fans are lucky, they live in the city where their favorite team plays. Some are even luckier and are season ticket holders for the aforementioned team. Some of the luckiest fans, however, have found a group of like minded individuals who want to get together to support their team without the hinderance of metal detectors, long bathroom lines and $15 dollar beers.

The first preseason game is upon us and no member of Niners Nation should be left to watch a game alone (unless you prefer to - of which I am occasionally guilty). Every year, Niners Nation has a thread for people to discuss the best sports bars in their respective parts of the country. Some people are unaware of a quality 49ers bar, so this thread allows people to figure out the best option for watching the 49ers every Sunday.

We're back with the thread once more, along with a story about a great 49ers bar in Huntington Beach. For the thread, If you know a good place to watch games, post as follows. In the subject line, list city (and state if it's not a big city). In the comment, explain the bar and include a link about the place if you can. If you are looking for a place to watch the game and aren't seeing your city mentioned, post a comment stating your city. If you are from that city, or simply know a good place there, REPLY to that comment.

Being from Los Angeles, where every single football fan is a displaced fan (for now), there are bars everywhere that claim to be the best "(insert team name here)" bar. Luckily, I follow the twitter account of Robert Alberino, VP and Executive Producer of the 49ers. If you don't, you should, as he has giveaways and all sorts of fun things going on with his Twitter account.

Robert mentioned that he was coming into town to film a bar in Huntington Beach for an episode of "The Faithful." I asked if I could tag along. Just a few blocks away from the beach on Main Street in Huntington Beach is Beachfront 301 Bar and Grill. It's a roomy bar that's mostly, yes, you guessed it: RED. There are plenty of TVs everywhere and according to Lee Miller, who started this phenomenon, the place is PACKED with up to 400 Niners fans, with standing room only during games.

Five years ago, Miller decided he wanted to watch games with other 49er fans. He had known Dennis Pizarro, the owner of Beachfront 301, through his MMA gym for four years and asked him if he would mind a gathering of 49ers fans in his bar on Sundays for games. Obviously Pizarro agreed. Miller continued to find people who were 49er Faithful all over Orange County and decided to make it an event. He went out to malls, talked to people in gyms, inviting anyone who had an affinity for the 49ers to join him at Beachfront 301.

Now fans drive from up to 100 miles away to be part of this weekly rendezvous. The furthest regular participants are from Palm Springs (109 miles). The mood was spirited and hopeful when I visited in April, post-Harbaugh and and after most of the retirements.

I'll be checking in with them this season to see if the mood is still upbeat. Where will you be on Saturday when the preseason kicks off? Is it worthy of a Niners Nation post and if so, why? We need to know.