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49ers-Texans predictions: Because we clearly need preseason score predictions!

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the Houston Texans in their preseason opener on Saturday. It is time for some predictions, but we'll be testing out a widget for this. Give it a look!

The regular season will soon arrive, at which point the annual NN prediction contest will pick back up. In the meantime, since the preseason can serve as warm-up to the regular season for the players, how about folks get warmed up for their predictions?

The SB Nation football sites are working with a group called The Crowd's Line, using their widget for predicting scores. It should load up at the bottom of this article, and will provide a place for you to predict the score. After you submit your score, the widget will refresh, and you'll be able to see your prediction, the average prediction for all of Niners Nation, the average prediction for the opposing team's site (Battle Red Blog, in this case), the general crowd line, and how Vegas sees the game working out.

The NFL sites are playing around with this to see if we might consider using it during the regular season. As you might have seen, it is a little slow loading, so give it a second to open up. It's pretty easy to use, so if we can get this working, it might make for a fun activity throughout the regular season.