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49ers OT Anthony Davis tweets about missing football

The saga of semi-sort of San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis continues along. He seems to already have the football itch.

I can't say I am entirely surprised by this tweet. Semi sort of San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis is sitting out the 2015 season with plans on returning in 2016. He has said he is looking forward to time off, and the first Thanksgiving and Christmas with family in a decade. But he would appear to have the itch:

I don't expect Davis back this season, as I think he will get used to having the time off as the season moves along. Where it does get interesting is his planned 2016 comeback. Right now he has the itch, but once the season gets going and he gets used to being at home, I wonder if that itch goes away for now. And if it does, how will he feel next offseason when it comes time to return to football.

The whole thing is fascinating. I thought Kyle McLorg (formally of BASG) made some good points about Davis and his decision that sort of sum up how I see this.