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Jim Tomsula, Jerome Simpson speak about 6-game suspension

The San Francisco 49ers announced Jerome Simpson was suspended six games by the NFL for violating the substance abuse policy with his 2014 arrest for marijuana possession and driving with an open container. Simpson and head coach Jim Tomsula met with the media on Tuesday to address the suspension. We have a full transcript. Check out video here.

Opening statements:

Tomsula: Obviously I'm here with Jerome, I know you got our statement today. We stand by the statement. Wanted to make sure we give you an opportunity to have some questions. Look, there's consequences to everything you do. Jerome was out of football for a year. We knew that there were things in the past year. And what's he doing now, he's doing everything we're asking him to do. He's on a good plan and he's rolling. He also understands there's no margin for error. I do believe in Jerome. I think Jerome's, this is gonna be a success story. So that's where we are there. We gotta absolutely accept the consequences. So, it's nothing new. That's been in the statement. Thats where we're at. Jerome?

Simpson: It's a blessing to be able to get back to playing football. I was off a year, and I'm just blessed to be with this organization. The people stand behind me and really believe in Jerome Simpson. I'm just really committed to prove the people that are behind me right. That I can turn it around and be a success story, and just prove people wrong, and use all my natural abilities to catch the football.

On if 6 games was expected:

Tomsula: It's fair.

Simpson: Yea, it's fair. The choices you make, you gotta deal with the consequences. That's what the league imposed, six games, and I'm just gonna keep working hard, and I looked at the schedule, and I'm gonna be back a good game to come back on, the Seahawks game. I'm just gonna work hard every week, and study my playbook, and just get in here and be with the guys, and just keep working hard.

Simpson: Ah, yea, you never really get to talk to Goodell, but yea, I talked to, I think it was Henderson.

On why they signed 49ers in spite of knowing about suspension possibility:

Tomsula: Well, we went through the research. He's a talented football player, and looking at it, like we said, we deal with everything individually. And I personally feel like guy's on the right track. He understands exactly where we are, and we're moving forward on it.

On if he thought he'd get this opportunity:

Simpson: Truthfully, no I didn't. I didn't. But the coaches here, ownership, they believe in me. They did a background check. I came here for a workout, an interview. I just put everything out on the table and told the truth. These guys they believed in me, and I believe in them. And I just want to come here and work hard, and prove you guys right, that they did make a great decision.

On report it was 10-game suspension reduced to six:

Tomsula: We're not getting into that. The NFL suspension is that, we accept it. It's right. There are consequences. They're absolutely correct. Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they grow up. That's where the guy is.