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Kam Chancellor holding out, Bobby Wagner with subtle troll tweet before signing contract extension

The Seattle Seahawks wrapped up one big piece of business on Friday. Now they have a few more salary cap issues, which tends to happen to good teams.

The Seattle Seahawks signed Russell Wilson to a contract extension on Friday as they opened training camp. The two sides made some concessions, and they were able to get a four-year deal done. Wilson gets a sizable chunk of guaranteed money, while giving in on his reported $25 million per year demands.

Wrapping up that contract takes care of a key piece of business, but the Seahawks still have a lot more salary cap work to consider. The team had their first practice on Friday, and strong safety Kam Chancellor was absent as he is officially holding out. Chancellor signed a four year contract extension back in 2013, and is signed through 2017.

The Seahawks also worked out a contract extension with linebacker Bobby Wagner. The deal is reportedly worth four years, and will keep him in town through 2019. The deal is reportedly worth $43 million, with $22 million in guaranteed money. After Wilson's extension became public knowledge, but before news of Wagner's deal, the linebacker tweeted this out:

Naturally a lot of people assumed it was a sign that negotiations might have taken a hit with Wilson's extension. However, one could argue this is a perfect tweet to draw in people on all sides. A frequent comment of football fans is that quality teams can't keep everybody due to the salary cap. It is entirely possible he is just trolling folks who throw that phrase out. And considering the deal did in fact get done, credit to Wagner for potentially a fun little bit of trolling.