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49ers training camp recap: The good, the bad and the ugly of 8/1

Following the Wedemeyer all star game, fans stayed to watch day one of 49ers training camp at Levi's. There was some good, and some not so good.

As it started to cool down in Santa Clara, the San Francisco 49ers took to the field at Levi's for their first day of full team training camp. One of the most talked about narratives of the evening was how horrible the field became after only a few minutes of individual drills on the West side of the field, but the fans in attendance still enjoyed seeing their team on the field after the long off season.

The good:

Seeing NaVorro Bowman back on the field. The most talked about moment of the night was a spin move he executed to get to Colin Kapernick. He obeyed the training staff like he said he would in his press conference, and wore a brace on his knee. He looked agile and comfortable as he adjusted to his leadership role on the defense, directing traffic at the beginning of each play.

Carlos Hyde catching passes and running around the outside. He did take handoffs as well, but it looks like the 2015 playbook will include short passes to Hyde which he seemed to handle with ease.

Blake Bell getting some first team reps. This guy is huge and he has great hands. At 6'6 and 252 I can't see how he doesn't get some playing time behind Vernon Davis this year.

Torrey Smith going deep. The combo of Kaepernick and Smith could be lethal. The Niners finally have some speed on the offense and we got our first glimpse of it last night. More please.

The bad, or more accurately just not good:

Jimmie Ward in secondary drills. He only ran straight due to a shell put on his shoe to "not have any setbacks" per Jim Tomsula. Hopefully this is just a precaution, not anything to worry about.

The pace of the offense. Tomsula was either yelling HUSTLE! HUSTLE! HUSTLE! or NEXT PLAY! NEXT PLAY! constantly from the backfield while watching 11 on 11s. It is excellent that this is a primary focus and hopefully it will move to the good list in the future. Let's not forget, this is still only the first day of camp.

Inconsistency of the offense. Again, it must be noted that this is the first day of camp. Colin Kaepernick looked much better as the day wore on and even better during 11 on 11s, (the long completion to Smith was a beaut) but during the beginning of drills he was a little off the mark. Media chatter on the sidelines was how Blaine Gabbert has actually improved and looked every bit as accurate as Kaepernick. There is no QB controversy here, but the beginning of practice did raise some eyebrows,

The ugly:

Definitely the grass at Levi's. We will see how rolling it out helps. To be fair, there was a high school game before practice, but it didn't really didn't start looking bad until the individual agility drills at the beginning of practice. Numerous coaches and players spent time stomping down divots during practice.