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Throwback Thursday: That's On Me

While this week's Throwback Thursday really doesn't pertain the 49ers team in particular, it certainly brings back memories of the Mike Singletary era. I know there are a lot of people worried that Jim Tomsula is another Mike Singletary retread. I myself had these fears at the beginning, but when you at least compare a Tomsula press conference to a Singletary one, they aren't even close.

Just so we're on the same page: Mike Singletary was a walking Coors Light commercial during his time at San Francisco. His press conferences, while bad as far as football information is concerned, were comedy gold as far as entertainment. Almost always we were treated to a guy who had a deer looking at headlights stare, a soft voice of fear, and a response that was either A: "I'll have to look at the film" or B: "That's on me".

The responses got so ridiculous that someone made a music video out of them. This came after the 21-0 thumping the Niners got (at home) to Tampa Bay. It should have been the game that cost the 49ers head coach his job, but unfortunately, the Niners still had a legitimate shot at the NFC West division title. In Week 11. With a 3-7 record. The division would never happen, as Seattle went on to win and host a playoff game with a 7-9 record.

This video got a decent amount of attention and elicited a few laughs from me. So I figured we could all use a trip down memory lane.