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Madden commercial features Colin Kaepernick playing Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman

The folks at EA Sports have apparently decided to get more and more bizarre with their commercials for new Madden games. They released something called "Madden: The Movie", and it features some really weird stuff. You can watch the whole trailer above.

Earlier this summer, we saw a random picture from the commercial, and it was hard to figure out what was going on with Colin Kaepernick. The commercial is a movie trailer, and it features a variety of athletes and Rex Ryan playing random characters. Kap is playing Al Pacino's character from Scent of a Woman. I'm not entirely why they decided on that, but there you have it.

Kap shows up several times, including one scene in which he eats a piece of paper featuring one of the main character's fathers. And toward the end we see Kap walking with a walking stick, because well, he's playing Al Pacino's blind character. I really don't think words can properly describe this commercial, so give it a watch.