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Derek Carrier trade: Salary cap implications

The San Francisco 49ers have added a conditional fifth round pick in 2017 with the trade of tight end Derek Carrier. We break down the salary cap implications of the deal.

The San Francisco 49ers made a trade on Friday, sending tight end Derek Carrier to Washington in exchange for a conditional fifth round pick. Matt Barrows is now reporting that pick is in the 2017 NFL Draft. We do not know the specific conditions, but Matt Barrows reported it is connected to playing time and productivity. That would seemingly make it more than just a "get on the 53-man roster" condition. The team formally announced the move Friday afternoon, listing the pick as "an undisclosed draft choice".

In making the move, the 49ers will take a salary cap hit. Carrier signed a 2-year contract extension earlier this offseason. He had been signed through 2015, and the extension locked him up through 2017. The deal included a $400,000 signing bonus, base salaries of $800,000 and $950,000, and a variety of roster bonuses and whatnot.

In making this trade, the 49ers will take on $400,000 in dead money. It is worth noting that because the deal happened after June 1, the $400,000 will be split up over 2015 and 2016. The 49ers will take a 2015 dead money hit of $133,333 and a 2016 dead money hit of $266,667. And of course, the team is off the hook for his $585,000 base salary for this year.