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Jerry Jones compares Levi's Stadium field to Mexico City, then tries walking it back

One of the main topics of conversation heading into Sunday's preseason Week 2 matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys is the state of the field at Levi's Stadium. The 49ers replaced the field on Wednesday following a pair of Taylor Swift concerts, and are hoping it fares better than it did following the high school all star game earlier this month.

The Cowboys have admitted to having questions about the field. Head coach Jason Garrett said the team would conduct a walk-through before heading to their hotel so they could see how the grass feels. 49ers media tweeted out some pictures earlier today, and the grass seemed OK.

Nonetheless, earlier today, we got to hear from Jerry Jones about the field issues! In a Dallas area radio interview, Jones had some interesting things to say about the field, and made a comparison that won't go over well:

"This is interesting. We're going up here to a great new stadium where we're going to have the Super Bowl, and we've got field problems," Jones said. "And this field is really causing us to have to look at what we're going to do during the game because of the challenges of this turf not taking hold."

"It reminds me of what we did down in Mexico City," Jones said. "If y'all remember those clumps as big as softballs. Just huge, big clumps out there. I can't believe when I look back on it that we kept playing in Mexico City."

Someone obviously said something to Jones, because he was attempting to walk back his comments Friday afternoon. He apparently said he did not want to over blow the issue because of his respect for the 49ers. According to that link above, he said:

"I'm not concerned about going out there and competing just as much as anybody else is competing," Jones said. "I was referring to the [players] that we might have a question mark anyway, really, is how I meant to say that. If we have a question mark about them, we may be even a little more cautious. But that in general is not a worry about what we're going to get out of the gam

The Cowboys have not said yet how much Tony Romo and others will play, as they wait to see what the field looks like. I can't blame them for that. But it's amusing how he is trying to walk back his original comment. You can just sense someone in PR hearing the comments, swinging by his office, and telling him he should probably ease up on that. Or maybe Jed heard him and gave him a call!

In case you're wondering, he's where the field stands.