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Cris Carter was ex-player who told Chris Borland, rookies to have a fall guy

Earlier this week, ESPN's Outside The Lines published an extensive feature on Chris Borland. We looked at several of the topics raised, including an interesting situation at the NFL's rookie orientation. Borland said that players were told to get themselves a fall guy so that if they got in trouble, they would have someone who could take the rap.

It turns out there is some video of the specific speech, and the ex-player is Cris Carter. The video above shows Carter and Warren Sapp up on stage providing the rookies with some words of wisdom, including the fall guy comment.

On the one hand, this is an NFL mandated program, so the league is endorsing what Carter is saying. If you're thinking the league was not aware of these particular comments, it is worth noting this video originally appeared at (17 minute mark). Warren Sapp laughs, so it would not surprise me if Carter claimed he was joking (because I have to think someone will bring this up with him).

And if he is not joking, as shady as it sounds, I am not surprised an ex-player would recommend this to current players. Players are going to do stupid things, and it would not surprise me to hear someone suggest they best look out for their own self-interest. Gotta love the NFL!