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Golden Nuggets: The Hayne Train Continues

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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Seems like NaVorro Bowman started right where he left off. Destroying plays and making tackles. Sure it's just the preseason, but he looked explosive, which is a welcome sign for the Niners. He becomes the unquestioned leader of the defense with the offseason retirements of Patrick Willis and Justin Smith. The defense played very well as a unit Sunday and the defensive line again proved that they are by far the best position group on the team. Mike Purcell shined once more. This time, he had a pick-6. Big fella could run.

No other player made a bigger splash this offseason than Jarryd Hayne. Again, yes we know it's preseason, but the ability this player has is unmistakable. He shows elusiveness in the open field. His punt returns were things of beautiful. The coaching staff probably doesn't want him to catch them Willie Mays style, but he looks sure handed and has nice burst. The team has lacked a return threat for awhile. Jarryd has to make this team based on his return skills alone, but his abilities need to be evident on the offensive side of the ball as well. His running back technique needs some work, but on his big run, he showed great ability to switch ball carrying hands to deliver a stiff arm to free himself for yardage. He's making it very hard to keep him off this team.

Preseason Week 3 will be the game the starters play the longest. Hopefully we see a little more from the passing game. With Kap playing very little the last 2 weeks, the questions remain about his ability to throw the ball consistently . He had a nice throw to Torrey Smith in the end zone, but Torrey couldn't hold on after the DB pulled his arms down. But this preseason has showed that the team has a lot of talent. And that is welcome news after this offseason.

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