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Jim Tomsula reviews 49ers-Cowboys, discusses Broncos joint practices

The San Francisco 49ers head coach conducted a conference call Monday to wrap up the 49ers Week 2 matchup with the Dallas Cowboys, and look ahead to the joint practices with the Denver Broncos. We've got a full transcript. You can also listen to audio here.

On of first team OL is settled:

No, it is not the unit we've settled on. We are not settled there. We're getting closer. You saw some guys, as we played there, with the first two groups, even a third group.  I like what Looney did, and I like where we're going with Marcus. He's really doing a nice job in terms of every week getting better at the guard position. Obviously, we had that one we didn't handle right with one of those pirate stunts. We didn't pass that off the way we should've, and we've got to work on that. I like where those guys are going, but I don't want to tell anybody we're settled.

On what he thought of Jordan Devey:

I think he did very well, and I would expect you to see him playing a little earlier. I like what Ian did at the right guard spot during his time. Also, again with Marcus Martin, like what he did. And then working Brandon over there on the left side. Getting some live work there in that situation was, he did some really nice things. There's still work in there.

On Thomas on left side after spending offseason on right side:

Well if you remember, he started on the left side, and then coming back, during the spring he was the left guard. He was a left tackle in college. As we were going through the process of getting him back on the field and working through things, we noticed there was a little bit of a hitch in his giddy-up, the way the steps timed out on that third step with that leg. So we put him to the right to try to get that hitch out of the giddy-up, and it worked really well. So we've seen him completely moving great. So wanted to put him back to left to see how comfortable he was. And it was very good.

On seeing NaVorro Bowman making plays:

I think it meant a lot to everybody that knows him, but most importantly I think it meant a lot to NaVorro. Obviously it was really nice to see him out there. We've all seen him in practice. We're seeing all those things going on. You're seeing it, we're all seeing it, everybody on this call is seeing it. But to see it out there under the lights, and for him to go through the whole process of getting out on the game; I was glad we got that three-and-out. I could see him, the momentum was going and I'd have had to call timeout to get him out of there.

On Bowman being more of a student of the game during rehab:

All last season, NaVorro was in every meeting we had. He prepared for every game last year like he was gonna play. So that was No. 1. And No. 2, just the way he can go back and dissect the tape. All the guys have the iPads now, so they take the film home. And I know that he was one, I mean a lot of them, he studies a lot of tape.

On the young corners:

I was really encouraged there, too. You see some speed there. I think you noticed it. We've got some young guys with a lot of speed. And I'll tell you what I liked. There were a couple of route combinations there that we could have picked up cleaner, but you see guys, the eyes are clean. The pattern reads and stuff like that for the young guys. Obviously that's the thing you're concerned about when they're young. I think they did a nice job on the pattern reads. I mean Tim Lewis with those guys. I'm really excited about what's going with our backend.

On Kenneth Acker wrist injury:

I mean he had a little bump. I should interrupt myself right now and give you the injury report. Would you like me to do that now [Sure]. I mean you just asked me that question and I'm right here looking at the injury report.

From the game, Vance McDonald got an ankle sprain. He'll get a couple days of rest. Bishop, he's going to end up having a procedure on that hand there. He's got, I'm not sure the is the medical term, but he's gonna have a little procedure there on the hand over by the thumb. Dahl, he has a back strain. He'll be out a couple of reps, but happy where that's at. Chuck Jacobs got an ankle sprain. He'll get a few days. And  Carradine had a leg strain, and he'll work through that in practice.

Guys that didn't play, you'll see Wilhoite returning to practice this week. You'll see Ellington returning to practice this week. You'll see Dorsey returning to practice this week. And Wheeler, we're going to take another week, we think. So that's all that we have coming out of there from the injury report. I do remember Acker having something with that thumb or wrist or something, but it was more of like a ding. Nothing of substance, from what I understand.

On Bishop injury:

Yes, he hurt it during the game. He was playing with it. And then when they come off, they did the exam, checked everything, got the x-ray. They're going to set that thing. I guess there's a little something in there.

On being able to play with the injury:

No, I think he's going to have a little procedure. He came in and reported, he went in and asked for his hand to get taped or something during the game. No indications or anything. Then after the game he came into the training room and asked them to do a thorough exam on his hand. And they did, and there's something in there, they're going to go in and do a little procedure on.

On plans for joint practices this week, and message to team in light of some fights at joint practices:

Well, in terms of what other people do in these, I would be extremely disappointed if anything like that happened where we were. Don't expect it. Don't have a comment on it. We are going up there, No. 1 it excites me because I feel like that's a class-act organization. I mean everything in our preparations, we've prepared for this, their organization and our people have worked together. It's been great. The coaching staff there, a lot of respect for them and what they do. And obviously a really good football team. And then we also get to play in the altitude. Which I really like the idea of going and spending a week in the altitude and training up there. I think that does good for us. And it does change the pace for us. We are in the dog days of camp, people say the dog days of camp, so getting to go against another opponent is a good thing.

On if Wilhoite will take part in joint practices:

Yeah, he'll be out there some. Again, you've seen how we've done this. We're going to stay on the same protocol where it's not, we go from zero to 100 in one day. We're not looking to do that. So we're going to gauge that on how he's feeling, how he's looking, and how, we keep checking up on him. Our training staff will keep doing that. Again, reserve the right to limit that in any way that we deem necessary for his full return.

On any Peyton Manning memories:

Maybe the biggest thing that I remember is being up there in Indianapolis a few years back. And Peyton was out there. You watch it on tape, how fast he moved that team back then. Remember how he'd rush that ball, catch you in substitutions? I remember being on the sideline with that live. Obviously he can throw the football. Going out before the game and watching him practice the same routes and the same things with his receivers. He's got that routine that he does. It's well documented how good of a player he is - we've all seen it. But just the way he managed that game in terms of the speed and the way he could cause problems besides the play, besides the play. Does that make sense?

On Reaser and Acker getting snaps against Manning and first team offense:

Absolutely. I want to see all of our guys go against them there and keep evaluating where we're at. Get different combinations together.