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Jonathan Martin posts on Facebook about personal anguish, suicide attempts and more

Former 49ers offensive lineman Jonathan Martin had a tumultuous career before retiring. On Wednesday morning, he posted on Facebook, describing a lot of the anguish he went through.

Jonathan Martin has not been a member of the San Francisco 49ers for most of this offseason, and announced his retirement earlier this summer. Plenty of people have dogged him for what happened in Miami, and just the general persona they see in him.

Early this morning, Martin posted some fascinating stuff on Twitter that allowed him basically let it all out. He did not write it in the first person, but it is powerful stuff. He talks about football leading to suicide attempts, while talking about a lot of things over the course of his life that led him to such a troubled spot. We rarely learn so much about professional athletes. We think we know them, but in reality, we don't know much about any of them. We rarely get this kind of insight into the psyche of a person who in reality is a stranger to us.

I recommend giving the whole thing a read. Whatever your thoughts on his on-field performance, it is good to see that he is able to put his problems out there, hopefully have sought help, and seem prepared to move on with his life.