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49ers-Broncos joint practice updates for 8/26

The San Francisco 49ers are in Denver for joint practices with the Broncos, which means they will be open to the media. We've got Twitter lists to keep you updated throughout Wednesday's session.

The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos are coming together in Colorado for a pair of joint practices this week, in preparation for Saturday's preseason game. Normally teams can start to shut out media from bigger chunks of practice, but NFL rules require joint practices be open to the media.

The teams will practice together on Wednesday and Thursday, with both practices set to start at 10:30 a.m. PT. They will both be followed by media availability. I am not expecting to carry those sessions, but you have the link just in case.

The joint practices means the 49ers offense gets a crack at the Broncos defense, and vice versa. The Broncos have strong units on both sides of the ball, so this will serve as a great test for a 49ers team that has a lot of questions heading into 2015. In particular, seeing the young cornerbacks face Peyton Manning and that offense will be incredibly valuable.

The joint practice means double the potential media reports. Our friends at Mile High Report have their own Twitter list for Broncos media. I have embedded the 49ers Twitter list below, and then followed it with the Broncos media Twitter list. I have thought about adding some of the Broncos media to the 49ers list, but I decided to separate them out instead.

San Francisco 49ers media Twitter list

Denver Broncos media Twitter list