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19 days until 49ers kickoff: Who wore it best? Who wears it now?

The San Francisco 49ers season starts in 19 days. We take a look at jersey No. 19, worn by a great returner in recent years.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers kick off the 2015 NFL regular season on Monday Night Football, on September 14. That game. means San Francisco is now a mere 19 days away from kicking off its 2015 regular season. In the spirit of that approaching date, I thought I would steal this idea from our Oakland Raiders site.

Who wore it best: KR/PR Ted Ginn (2010-2012)

The 49ers have not exactly had a glorious history when it comes to No. 19. Here is the list of players who have worn the number. I took a look at Joe reed and Scott Bull, but both were just sort of meh players.

Ginn has never quite reached the potential some thought he had as a wide receiver, but in his time with the 49ers, he was a dynamic playmaker in the return game. When healthy, he was among the league leaders in both kick returns and punt returns. He and Andy Lee were critical pieces of the field position battle. The 49ers acquired Ginn in 2010 for a fifth round draft pick, and he was a steal in his first two seasons. Had he been healthy for the NFC title game in 2012, well, we know how that went. :(

But I am perfectly fine giving him the "who wore it best" moniker for a group that is not particularly good. He was great at returning, and that was fine. We'll find out in a couple weeks if Jarryd Hayne is the guy who will be the next great returner for the 49ers.

Who wears it now: WR DiAndre Campbell (2015-present)

The 49ers signed a whole bunch of undrafted rookie wide receivers this offseason, and the suspension of Jerome Simpson potentially opens the door for one or two of them to make the roster. DeAndrew White has gotten the most publicity, with Dres Anderson behind him. But I've seen some positive reports here and there with Campbell showing some things in practice. I don't expect he will make the roster, but he could potentially earn a practice squad spot. With all the young receivers competing for opportunities, I would think the team keeps a couple on the practice squad.