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Bruce Miller could still face suspension for March arrest

The 49ers are awaiting word on potential discipline for fullback Bruce Miller, related to his arrest this year. Miller was arrested on suspicion of spousal battery, and later pled out to misdemeanor disturbing the peace. We break it all down.

Might as well get all the bad news out of the way tonight, right? Matt Maiocco reported earlier this afternoon that San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller could still face discipline from the league for his arrest earlier this spring. The league is reviewing his situation before making a decision on what kind of discipline to impose, if any.

Miller was arrested earlier this year on suspicion of spousal battery. He was later charged with vandalism, and plead out to misdemeanor disturbing the peace. He is going through a 16-week domestic violence class, and faces a formally sentencing hearing in six months. I believe that as long as Miller attends the class and stays out of trouble, he should not face anything significant in the formal sentencing.

However, he could still face a suspension from the league. I would think they will finalize this before the season starts, but who really knows with how the league operates. We'll see what the league decides on this one, but really can't we just get regular season football here?