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NFL awards 2015: Who should we vote for?

The 2015 NFL season is just around the corner, which means SB Nation is putting together its big ol' preseason preview. That will include a variety of content about everybody, including our beloved San Francisco 49ers. There will be broader national coverage, but each of the 32 team blogs will be breaking down the upcoming football season.

Part of the preview will include a look at various preseason predictions. We'll be going through awards, and then figuring out conference champions and the Super Bowl champion. We will also be compiling a blogger consensus power ranking.

I'm going to be listing out my options for the preview, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to open the door for everybody to make their suggestions. It is entirely possible I am overlooking some players or coaches for the various awards. I'd like to crowd-source this a bit to see if anybody has some under-the-radar options.

The 49ers best hope for an award is probably NaVorro Bowman for the Comeback Player of the Year award. A lot of people think Adrian Peterson runs away with it (pun partially attended), but if he and Bowman both bounce back this year, is there any way the media doesn't give it to Bowman? Considering what AP is "coming back from", I could see him getting the cold shoulder from the media.

If the 49ers somehow manage to put together a decent season this year, I would think Jim Tomsula could be high on the list for Coach of the Year. The 49ers have had an insane amount of turnover, and if the team finishes with a winning record, national media very well could deem him worthy of the award.

So here are the awards. J.J. Watt is a favorite at DPOY, and I'm personally leaning toward Eddie Lacy for OPOY. Any thoughts?

Off. POY
Def. POY
Coach of year
Off. rookie of the year
Def. rookie of the year
Comeback POY
AFC champ
NFC champ
SB winner