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NaVorro Bowman downplays 2-hour practice/game prep comment

There was some chatter this week about NaVorro Bowman's comments regarding his prep time for practice and games. It turns out he thinks the discussion was a little overblown.

Earlier this week, Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column had a lengthy feature on San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman. In it, we heard from Bowman that he takes two hours of prep time to get ready for practice and games. Rodney Harrison was concerned that this might mean Bowman came back to soon, and other teams might target his knees given the recovery time.

It turns out it might have been a little overblown. Bowman spoke with 49ers media on Thursday after practice against the Denver Broncos, and said it was not quite an issue as people were making it out to be. He said at times it was much less than two hours, and other times it took longer. He pointed to his prep for practice in Denver only taking 30 minutes.

"I'm just a perfectionist and I like to warm up my leg as much as possible to go out there and have a perfect practice," Bowman said. "If it takes three hours, it takes three hours. Me coming back early? That would have been if I came back during the season last year. I sat out. I did my rehab. I feel great.

"No one knows your body like you do and whoever is making those comments - it's just the type of athlete I am. I like to take time to get all the way warmed up and ready to play."

Back in our post yesterday, socalisteph dropped by with a few thoughts. She said she thought he was fine, and felt extra stretching is important after that kind of devastating knee injury:

My belief is anyone with that caliber of injury should be stretching at least an hour. I suspect Bo has had some nerve damage, which is normal. I know the 49ers PT staff uses a technique called Graston Technique. It warms up the muscle and removes adhesions and restrictions in the knee. Graston could take an hour itself (or longer). Graston improves blood flow and prompts nerves to fire and helps reflexes, flexibility and removes scar tissue without surgery. I know Ian Williams used it and posted a video of it once. It's a painful treatment, but makes the affected area feel brand new after the therapy. I don't think the prep time is a cause for concern. It is just the chosen modality of treatment Bo is using.

It will be fascinating to see how Bo's knee holds up over the next four or five months. He got his first preseason action in this past week, getting three snaps to start the game. I suspect we see him again, but even with more work, I would not expect a whole lot. The key is getting him fresh and ready for Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings. Things seem to be on track.