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Australian TV station negotiating to broadcast 49ers games if Jarryd Hayne makes roster

Australian channel 7 is looking to boost their coverage of San Francisco 49ers games if Jarryd Hayne makes the roster. The channel is reportedly in negotiations with the NFL to air more games than their normal allotment.

The Jarryd Hayne phenomenon has exploded in America, with coverage picking up across the country. And yet, that is nothing compared to how much coverage Australian media is devoting to the former rugby league star. Australian newspapers that previously provided only the broadest of NFL coverage now are essentially running the Jarryd Hayne beat. Considering his stature as one of the country's greatest rugby league stars, this is not surprising.

Australian TV is looking to take this a step further. Reports out of Australia indicate their Channel Seven, a free broadcast channel, is in negotiations with the NFL to air San Francisco 49ers games if Hayne makes the roster. The channel already gets three games a week, but given Hayne's emergence, they are hoping to provide more 49ers-specific games this season. The article suggests it is a long-shot, but if they pony up enough cash, I could see it happening.

Hayne still has to earn a spot on the 53-man roster, but his performance through the first two preseason games has made a strong case. He has been a dynamic play-maker as a punt returner and as a running back. Mix in his one strong kick return, and he is already making it incredibly difficult for the 49ers to consider leaving him off the roster.

For our growing Australian audience this would certainly be good news. It is often difficult for fans outside the United States to watch 49ers games. Hayne's emergence could provide a huge opportunity for those of you living in Australia.