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Joe Staley talks about how Demarcus Ware can make him better

The San Francisco 49ers left tackle met with the media on Thursday, and while he did not have a lot to say, I did find his discussion about Demarcus Ware interesting. The veteran offensive tackle is always trying to learn! We've got a transcript. You can also listen to audio here, and view video here.

How it compares to joint practices with the Ravens:

It's a lot cooler, but it's good work in the altitude. Getting acclimated to that. Today was sloppy. Not a good practice for us offensively. We'll watch it, that's what these training camp practices are for. In order for me to get better.

On how many times he faced Von Miller:

Like three times, total. He was mainly working off the right side.

On why Von Miller is so difficult:

I mean, his speed and his power. For a guy who has such a good beat to get off the line, the power he plays with it, it's pretty much un-matched in the NFL. It's been great work for us. Mainly the right side, but I've gotten reps against him.

On how much he knows Demarcus Ware:

A little bit, just from the Pro Bowls and stuff. Playing against him, competing against him. But not a whole lot, not personally.

On what they talked about between periods:

Yea, I mean we're friendly, no personal relationship. [Talking shop?] Yea, a little bit. Talking about what he's seeing, what I'm trying to do. He does a good job of getting up field and getting a tackle to turn his shoulders, and then doing his move off that. So that was one of the things I was working on today and yesterday.

On having Bowman back:

Oh, it's been great. NaVorro's been a huge leader for this football team. And, great player obviously, great presence in the locker room. It's been great to have him back. Have him on the football. You got a taste in the second preseason game what he's all about. He was on the field for I think three plays, two tackles for a loss. I'm very excited.

On facing 1s and only recognizing Bowman:

It's the NFL, there's been turnover. Every team back ... We've been pretty fortunate the last few years to have a pretty consistent group.

On keeping morale up with all the departures:

You just focus on what you're here for, and that's to play football. Get ready for Week 1, that Minnesota Vikings game at Levi's Stadium. Just try to focus on your job, try to focus on practice, and go from there.

On who talks about keeping that focus:

It comes from everybody. Head coach, position coaches, players. Everybody, just keep the focus on what the job is you're here for.

On Ahmad Brooks issue:

It's very unfortunate, but we're all here to play football. Try not to let that stuff get in the way. Try to move on.

On getting starting OL settled:

We'd like to have it installed eight years ago, but, that's what training camp's for. We have some new pieces, new guys we're playing with. And I think right now, we're just using any reps we get to solidify what that group is. As far as the timeline, that's up to the coaches.

On young outside linebackers:

Very talented group. We've done a good job of drafting. Eli's got a lot of talent. I really like the way he plays the game of football. His hustle and his determination to make plays happen, it's big. Having Lynch back, that's big. He had surgery this offseason. He's shown what he can do, and how powerful he is. We're excited about the guys we've got there, and we expect one of them to step up.