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Kenneth Acker with great interception, then bone-headed, but harmless decision

Kenneth Acker showed some youthful exuberance that will serve as a good learning experience. Peyton Manning challenged him in the end zone on Saturday, and the 49ers cornerback turned and made the pick. Acker was untouched and after hitting the ground, got up and tossed the ball in celebration.

The problem is that unlike in college, a player is not down when he hits the ground. Acker tossed the ball out of bounds, which makes it like a fumble. Thankfully it was ruled a touchback for the 49ers, so there was no harm, no foul. For a stupid preseason play, it was funny, but also serves as a learning experience for Acker. I'm fine with a little celebration after an interception, but he should make sure he is aware of the situation.

We've seen wide receivers do this in past, with Plaxico Burress being the most notable example. And it always seems to happen with young players!