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Reggie Bush drilled into the ground trying to hurdle defender

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed Reggie Bush back to active play on Saturday, marking his first game action of the preseason. Bush got a lot of opportunities in the game, both as a running back and on special teams. It was on running back that he had what might prove to be his most notable play of the game.

He was running outside and it appeared like he wanted to leap the defender. I don't know if he changed his mind, or if he is just too old to make this leap, but he got drilled into the ground by Aqib Talib. There was some pushing and shoving between the 49ers and Broncos after the play, but I do not view it as a dirty one. As one of the announcers said, you do not want to be getting up in the air like that, particularly if you don't have a clear spot to jump. But at least Reggie didn't get hurt.