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49ers move Monday 8/3 practice from Levi's Stadium to practice facility

The San Francisco 49ers are entering their third straight day of practice to kick off training camp. After two practices and a high school football game, the team has decided to give the field some recovery time on Monday. Chris Biderman followed up the above tweet by saying the team's Tuesday padded practice is still TBD as far as location is concerned.

The team was scheduled to have practices at Levi's Stadium on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with no practice scheduled for Thursday. It makes sense to take two days away from the field to give it some kind of recovery time. After that Sunday August 9 practice, the team will be off the Levi's Stadium through at least the following week, when they travel to face the Houston Texans on August 15. There is no word on their practice locations following the Texans game.

Matt Barrows provided these tweets about potential practice locations:

Fooch's update: According to Matt Maiocco, they will be re-sodding the field after the August 14 Taylor Swift concert.

There were issues with the field following Saturday's practice, but Ian Williams did not think it was that big an issue. Jim Tomsula was asked about the field on Sunday, and had this exchange with the media:

You will be in the stadium. And the turf is fine, obviously?

"Yes. Just to address that, in terms of the team periods, there were no issues at all. You will see the individual periods will be adjusted a little bit. We had the problem there with the wide receivers and the DB's with all the stopping and starting and planting and driving. So, we'll get those moved and go from there."

Did you need to go out on the field this morning or did you need to see something to convince yourself that you could put the team back out there?

"I don't think it was convincing. Actually we got a phone call this morning from the guys who went out to work the field and check the fields. Every morning, here's our procedures on every day, the way everything works every day; on our practice fields every morning, [equipment manager] Steve Urbaniak, our equipment guy, meets with [sports turf manager/head groundskeeper Matthew] Greiner, our grounds guy, and we dictate where we're going to be on the fields. So, we're on the game field, they're in the same meeting. So, the same meeting was there and we're going out."