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49ers-Broncos recap: Working through the offensive line issues

49ers continue to try to work out their offensive line woes and produce an unlikely close score.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

After the San Francisco 49ers spent the week with the Denver Broncos and adjusted to the altitude, they attempted to work out their offensive line issues again. The stats for the first team were challenged at best. In the first quarter, Colin Kaepernick had one passing attempt and was sacked once for a loss of 10 yards. The second quarter wasn't much better. Kaepernick completed two passes at the end of the half to take the passing yard total to zero.

Kaepernick did not have much time in the pocket, if any. After the game Kaepernick said he does see progress in the line and complimented them on opening up holes that allowed his 53 yards rushing at the end of the first half. "They're working hard. They're doing all of the right things to get where we need them to be for the season. They've done everything we've asked of them and they're working hard. That's something that will play itself out."

Head coach Jim Tomsula also seemed very positive about what will happen with the offensive line this week. "Things are becoming more clear. We will learn more about that in the next couple days." Do they have the guys on the roster to get the job done? "Yes, absolutely. That will all get cleared up for you this week." Tomsula refused to get more detailed than that, especially when asked directly about the possibility of Brandon Thomas making an appearance on the OL. "I'm not going to coach the guys in the paper. I'm not going to, obviously the conversations I need to have with them, not public, so, we'll handle that." It wasn't all roses though, Tomsula did admit that the first team wanted to get a set of plays going and they were unable to do that.

Kaepernick, who defended his OL talked about getting sacked resulting in a safety. "(Denver) had the right coverage call for what we had up. It was something where we got kind of stuck. Our running back got hung up and we didn't get a chance to move the ball."

Is he concerned about the offensive line? "There's not any concern on this team. That's what the preseason is for, is to work those things out and see who we have in different positions. So that's what we're doing and we're working to make sure we're ready for the regular season."

How did Colin feel in the open field? "It always feels good to be in the open field. I feel like that's where I have the ability to make some plays. That was an example of our offensive line doing a great job to open the rushing lane for me. The pushed protection, or the rush, wide which allowed me to step up. That's why those plays were able to be made."

Kaepernick's two runs of 19 and 34 yards were not designed runs. They were seen and recorded as scrambles. He finished the night 2/5 for 13 yards and rushed three times for 53 yards total.