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Trailer for Concussion shines further light on CTE, NFL denial

If you did not read the book League of Denial, or see the PBS documentary, the new movie "Concussion", hitting theaters on Christmas Day is another opportunity to learn a little bit more. The movie is a dramatization of League of Denial, detailing the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu and his attempts to get the NFL to recognize the dangers of repetitive head trauma. You can view the full trailer above.

Dr. Omalu was the first doctor to identify Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) as a disease impacting football players following repetitive head traumas. He initially discovered the issue when doing an autopsy of former Steelers great Mike Webster. He tried to convince the NFL of the issue, but for many years, the NFL consistently denied any connection. They tried to discredit Omalu and his work, and based on the trailer, we see the NFL as a nefarious organization out to stop Dr. Omalu at all costs.

I imagine certain liberties will be taken in the movie, as is often the case. However, this movie strikes me as kind of a big deal. The vast majority of folks were not going to read League of Denial, and likely missed the PBS special. This will give a lot of people a chance to at least start to get a better handle on the concussion issue with football. It will be interesting to see if it furthers the dialogue on this.