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Washington names Kirk Cousins starting QB for Week 1, circus rolls along

The Dan Snyder era continues to roll along swimmingly.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

All I can say is, thank God we don't root for Washington. It is an absolute circus in the nation's capital, with the quarterback position at the center of the insanity. Reports indicate Kirk Cousins has been named the team's starter for the Week 1 opener. Robert Griffin III suffered a concussion last week, and was unable to play this past weekend.

RG3 was initially cleared by the team after the Week 2 hit, but an independent neurologist scuttled that, and said he would need to wait a week or two before reconsideration. RG3 took some nasty hits in that game, and that led to this memorable quotation from head coach Jay Gruden.

RG3 has been the center of controversy in Washington ever since he hurt his knee under Mike Shanahan. Things have gone sideways since then, with owner Dan Snyder wanting RG3 to be the guy (I imagine because of the brand building), while coaches seemingly want Kirk Cousins starting. It's not like Cousins has been particularly good, but I imagine he would buy at least a little bit of time with the fanbase in the meantime.

For the pessimists among us, it could always be worse. You could be a Washington fan. That franchise has been a disaster since Dan Snyder took over, and there is no sign it is going to get better anytime soon.