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Golden Nuggets: Tearing Up The Ground

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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Day 3 of training camp is officially in the book. The team moved over to the practice field to give the Levi's Stadium field a chance to be fixed. The field inside the stadium continues to be a sore spot and a complete mess. The team was scheduled to host 8 practices in the stadium, but that does not look to be possible.

All reports from camp are that the defense is still the better unit. The defensive line is having a field day over the offensive line. The defensive unit has a lot of talent still on the team and it is very apparent in training camp. The rush is getting to Colin consistently, which is breaking down a lot of plays. Tramaine Brock is reportedly having a good camp, which is welcome news for the secondary. He had an interception against Kap that would have probably resulted in pick-6. Ahmad Brooks showed up in good shape and he is terrorizing the offensive line and rookie Eli Harold is standing out.

Colin and the offensive unit has some work to do. Going against this defense, the offense will have to adjust quickly. Usually the offense takes longer to mesh due to the timing of everything. The biggest issue may be the performance of the offensive line. As a unit, they need to rebound from a subpar season last year. With Joe Staley given a day off, the line was having a hard time keeping Colin without pressure. Hopefully, the offense has a bounce back practice tomorrow when they put on the pads for the 1st time.

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