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Nick Moody discusses getting coached up by 49ers coaching staff

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Nick Moody is getting an opportunity to compete for a starting ILB job. In meeting with the media on Tuesday, he brought up some interesting points about improving his craft under the new coaching staff. Here is the full transcript. You can listen to the audio HERE, or watch the video HERE.

Nick Moody met with the media on Tuesday at San Francisco 49ers training camp, and he had some intriguing comments about the team's coaching staff. Moody is getting first team inside linebacker reps next to NaVorro Bowman while Michael Wilhoite recovers from a muscle strain. Moody focused on special teams the first two years, but has gotten praise from Jim Tomsula for his work this offseason.

Moody touched on his development this offseason, raising an interesting issue. He said this offseason he has gotten a better handle on basic fundamentals of being a linebacker. He said these things were not harped on him in the past, but he is getting a lot more of that this year. He talked about things as basic as not crossing his feet over, and other such nuances.

After Jim Harbaugh departed the 49ers, Jed York talked about wanting a teacher in the mold of Bill Walsh. It was mocked immediately, but the teaching aspect is an intriguing one. It's unfair to compare anybody to Bill Walsh, but I get the point of wanting someone who can teach on a variety of levels. And having a coaching staff that can instill those fundamentals to a better degree is important. It is also important to actually be able to develop things beyond that, but teaching in general is a valuable tool. Who knows what this means for the 49ers success in 2015, but if it allows Nick Moody to be a better linebacker, then that is a critical step in the right direction.

On value of ILB reps late last season:

I feel like it helped me a lot. I mean, it's a different environment, the feel and speed of practice. You can simulate it, but it's not the same. I feel like it helped a lot, in terms of in-game experience, communication and just general game-day feel.

On what he learned:

It really helped me see my flaws in more of a game atmosphere than I did in practice.

On what his flaws were:

Pretty much all fundamental stuff, technique issues.

On ability to handle coverage given his safety background:

I mean it definitely helps, since that's my background. It's not like I'm out of my comfort zone. It's pretty much normal to me because that's all that I've done.

On whether he understands LB position better, if it's clicking:

Yea, I'm definitely understanding the linebacker position a lot more than I used to. It's like, even the little nuances, like the smallest things like don't cross your feet over. The most fundamental things for a linebacker that were never really harped on, to me anyway. I feel like I get a lot of that this year, it's really stressed every day.

On Tomsula mentioning the strides he's made:

That I could accept coaching, that was really the biggest thing, to be able to pick up the fundamental part. Because Tomsula already knew that I could run and all that, I've shown my speed and athleticism, but I think the biggest thing is showing that my discipline within the scheme, and being able to take those same fundamentals and apply them to actually playing.

On buzz of first padded practices:

Not too much, but some of the vets asked if I'm gonna bullrush today. I said, I'm not sure, I'll let you know later.

On Jarryd Hayne dealing with how to take hits from linebackers:

The last time I was on the end of it was back in high school. So, I would just say you can't sit there and wait for it. You have to go get them too, but if you sit there and wait, that's when the worst stuff happens. If he sits on his heels, it's gonna be over.

On his rushing style being to just run over everybody:

Most of the time, yea. If I know I can, I will.

On if he'll run over Hayne during the first padded practice:

Maybe, I'll talk to him. We'll see. I'll let him know in the beginning, let him kinda get used to pass pro first. I don't want to just go out there on his first rep of live contact and just completely run over him. He knows that's what I might do because other running backs told him, so he already knows.

On what he'd say to Hayne for first practice:

Pad level. The biggest piece of advice, you've got to keep your pads down, don't give up your chest, and keep good leverage and everything.

On Patrick Willis's advice the last two years:

He always told me, don't let outside things get to you. And if something is bothering you, don't be so outward about it and obvious, and body language. Body language says a lot. He always told me just keep faith, and harp on the fundamentals and study stuff, and it will all come together.

On what he enjoys about padded practice:

I just always liked contact, since I was a little kid. It's fun to me, that's the fun part of football.

On how it manifested as a little kid:

I think on the playground. In my elementary school I think they actually banned football because we would hit too much, and that was probably because of me.

What grade:


On if it is his understanding the starting ILB job is up for grabs:

Yea, I understand that, completely. I understand the opportunity that's in front of me.

On how much the added practice reps are helping him:

I think it helps a lot. Just being able to see from day-to-day how consistent I am with my fundamentals and technique. I think that's the most helpful part for me.

On developing chemistry with Bowman:

It helps a lot with things that we don't have to talk about as much on the field. So it's kind of getting a feel as to I know he's going to do this, so this is what we're going to do on a certain play. Or like not even have to verbalize anything, but just being able to point an arm a certain way or do something like that, and know what the other one's supposed to do.

On if Bowman looks like same guy:

Yea, he looks the same to me.

On looking at nice spin move Bowman had on film:

Yea, we saw it. He looks like the same Bo to me.

On Pinion as a punter:

He has a boot. He can really kick it. What was it, in the spring, there was one in the spring, it was a punt, it was like 65 yards or something like that before it even hit the ground.

On Borland/Willis retirements:

At first I was surprised when they both retired. And then I was like, well now I got an opportunity in front of me, I'll get more of a chance to play. So I gotta take advantage of it.

On Bowman providing emotional lift:

Yea, I think that is definitely helpful because to me, I still think NaVorro is the best inside linebacker in the league.