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49ers press conference comedy highlights: Jim Tomsula, Alex Boone, Darnell Dockett, Nick Moody

August 4th was the first day of full pads at practice and everyone seemed a little giddy. Here's a recap of some of the great press conference moments

Day four of training camp for the San Francisco 49ers was the first day with pads on and everyone was a little excited. Everyone that took the podium in the conference room shared a laugh with the media. Here are some of the best moments:

Jim Tomsula (Video)

Q: You mention trying not to cuss, which leads me to your nickname for Quinton Dial. How did that nickname come about? (It's Alabama a**hole if you missed out on that nugget)
JT: I got to talk to him too. That's one those things that stays in the locker room. Yeah. That explains Quinton. And he will tell you that I've only called him that nickname on a field with a helmet on. That explains who he is. When you meet him, and I think you all have met him, he's such a soft spoken, kind, deep voice. And when he gets on the field, again, it's hard to describe it without using swear words.

Q: Would you say that he has the nastiest mean streak on the team?
JT: We're not going to start comparing that. I'll have craziness! we're going pads today. I'm not going to try and comment!

Alex Boone (Video)

Q: Did you lobby to move out to RT after Anthony Davis retired?
AB: Negative.

Q: Why not?
AB: I don't know.

Q: You don't know why you didn't lobby?
AB: No. Should I have?

Q: How do like the faster pace?
AB: I don't. (long pause) Just kidding. (nodding head)...long pause...shaking head no.

Q: With the faster tempo you have to huddle faster, how does that happen?
AB: With your legs.

Darnell Dockett (Video)

Q: Are you fine starting in the nickel and then working your way into the base defense?
DD: I'm fine starting anywhere, kicker, punter, holder. It don't matter. I just want to play football.

After talking about how Tomsula has been taking it lighter on long time veterans:

Q: Have you worked with coaches that try to wear you down?
DD: Yeah, everyone of them! I've played with Denny Green. (Laughing) That speaks for itself. I credit him for drafting me and giving me the opportunity but there's been times where I don't even know if I want to play football anymore.

After talking about Arik Armstead's huge potential, physical upside and humility:
DD: Besides that, I get to go out on rookie night with him and tap his credit card, I'm really going to enjoy that.

Q: Can we come?
DD: Sure! Come on!

Nick Moody (Video)

On guys getting hyped up for pads:
NM: Some of the backs asked me if I'm going to bull rush today. I said, "I'm not sure. I'll let you know later." (laughing)

Q: All LBs have different rushing styles but yours is basically just try to run over everybody. Is that fairly accurate?
NM: Most of the time, yeah.

Q: Sounds like you look forward to the pad practice? What do you enjoy about it?
NM: I've just always liked contact, ever since I was little kid. It's fun for me. That's the fun part about football.

Q: When you were a little kid, how did that manifest itself?
NM: I think on the playground, in my elementary school they banned football because we would hit too much and that was probably because of me.

Q: What grade was that?
NM: Second.