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What do you make of 49ers resting veterans?

The San Francisco 49ers have given a variety of players rest time during the early days of training camp. Do you think this is problematic in maintaining a certain edge, or something that can better prepare the team for the rigors of the regular season?

The San Francisco 49ers are through four days of practice, and one frequent theme we have heard is about rep counts and given veterans rest days in preparation for the regular season. Reggie Bush, Kendall Hunter and Darnell Dockett have all been eased in slowly. Additionally, Joe Staley got a rest day on Monday, and NaVorro Bowman got a veteran's day off on Tuesday for the first padded practice.

Darnell Dockett talked about Tomsula's decision to sit him the first two days of practice. He was surprised by it, but respected Tomsula's decision considering it is still so early in camp. Tomsula talked about being proactive rather than reactive in this regard, and we're seeing it as the team is resting players.

At the same time, this led to an interesting discussion last night. Former NFL scout and current radio personality John Middlekauff brought up the rest days, wondering whether it might be problematic:

There does seem to be a common refrain that veterans are happier at the facility. At the same time, we've also heard reports that Tomsula has been in their ear when it comes to things like tempo. Multiple coaches and players have talked about the emphasis he has pushed on that.

But all that being said, do you see reason to be potentially concerned about the dynamic? I suppose this is just reversing the concerns last year about the drama in the locker room. Jim Tomsula has struck me as a guy players generally respect, but I can't say for certain whether that means it will hold up in October and November when the team might need a kick in the butt.

Do you take anything away from the veteran rest days, or is this much ado about nothing?