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Throwback Thursday: Dashon Goldson vs Early Doucet Part II (The Sequel)

Last week, we began an epic tale in 49ers lore. When players on the Cardinals simply don't know when to back off and when Dashon Goldson always, and I mean always gets revenge while he's wearing a 49er uniform. Yes, some of you have heard this grand folk tale and already talked of the inevitable conclusion.

But this story is so good that it can be told multiple times and never get old.

In this game, the refs do not respond. There is no early opening for Early Doucet to exploit to make Dashon get angry. In fact, getting Dashon angry was simple, because he was still ticked off about what happened the year before. Like any superior life form, be it Chuck Norris, Ronda Rousey, saiyans, among others, Dashon Goldson gets revenge on his enemies. It's quick, simple, and utterly devastating when it happens. And it. Always. Happens.

There's a lot of things that stood out in this game; Alex Smith dismantling a very praised defense (Cardinals were in the top three at this point in the season, beat New England at home and had no quarterback), Randy Moss having a brief nostalgic turn to form, and this still might be the highlight of the night.

No, that video is not edited. That is not a shotgun blast you hear. That is a clean hit, one Sir Dashon Goldson laying out Early Doucet.

And that concludes our story. There will be no trilogy, there will be no reboot. This is a play in two acts, No more, no less.

All great tales have a moral and this wonderful bedtime story has one clear as day: Don't [Site Decorum] with Dashon Goldson.